Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kelby heads to KSU

Friday was the last day for my employee, Kelby. She is getting ready to head to K-State. We surprised her with a few going away gifts and a big cookie. I always give silly things to the kids going away to college. Kelby got an apron, personalized with her name that I call her at the bakery, "Kelby Lou". She also got a package of wash cloths. We tease her how messy she is at decorating cookies. So I wanted her to stay clean while she was away at school. I also got her individual wet wipes so she could keep some in her backpack. Kelby likes mermaids, so I got her a big mug with a mermaid on it and a mermaid toy that expands in water.

Her big cookie was decorated with a mermaid that had her photo as the face. I teased her at graduation that I was going to do that on her cake. So since I didn't get to do it then, she just had to get a Kelby Mermaid cookie.

Good luck at school Kelby!! We will miss you!