Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gymnastics Cake

Here is a bright cake for a gymnastics themed birthday party. It was so fun to do. I have been doing this little girl's cakes for several years now. There is always a new and fun theme to design around.

I made a sugar gymnast for the topper and she is surrounded by sugar stars. Cakes like these take several days of advance work. The stars and letters have to made ahead to dry. My cake girls and I usually do all this work on Wednesday, our slower day to prep for the weekend.

The bakery is closed this week for our annual vacation. I have closed the bakery for the week of 4th of July since I opened over 7 years ago. This year we are going to New Mexico, splitting our time between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. The big girls are staying home for work and summer school. So it is just Dave, Sara, Bryn and I. It will be very different with taking only 2 kids. I will post some pictures and let you know what we are up to. Take care, Cheri.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Summer Fun Cakes!

Alright, Summer is here! The weather sure took a turn in the "hotter- than- heck" direction. I just melted on Saturday delivering cakes. The first two were in the rain, but when the sun came out, the humidity soared. But, they were fine, my icing can take the heat just fine. Here are a couple of fun designs for your summer parties. Bring us your theme, and as you see here, we can run with it!

I also wanted to let everyone know our famous gourmet dog treats are back!! We stopped making them for awhile, but had so many requests that I knew we had to make them again. I know my dog, Gracie, is happy!! Isn't she cute. See ya later and keep cool!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Farmer's Market-Where it all began!

This is a photo I have hanging in my office here at the bakery. It is just a little 4 x 6 snapshot of me with my girls at the Farmer's Market. That is where I first started selling my decorated cookies and some small cakes. I decided that was a way I could make money for the family after my husband was laid off and had to take another job at a much reduced salary. I would bake all day Friday and get things packaged, then get up early Saturday morning to pack up the Bronco. I first started with just one table, just a card table that we had at home. I set it all out and waited on my first customers. I was very nervous, and looked so silly among all the veteran sellers with their multiple tables and tents. But I sold everything and was thrilled. The next week, I took my money and bought an 8 foot table and did it again. You can see by this photo that I learned (after getting rained on) I needed a tent also. But I did this all summer of 2000, testing out my cookies and cake recipes. It was a great experience and gave me the encouragement and drive that I wanted to do more that a table at a local farmer's market.
So here I sit, 9 years later, looking at my little girls in the photo and seeing how much they have grown and wishing I could still fit into those jeans. I now have a wonderful team of people helping me produce these great tasting and artistic cakes & cookies in this 3800 sq. ft. bakery. Some days I miss that tent and table, not a lot of worries then. If it rained, I could pack up and go home. If there was some event that I wanted to attend on a Saturday, I would just not do the market that week. I was free to do my own thing. Yet, I know that would not have been enough for me. I have learned a great deal, mostly by the "school of hard knocks", but I guess that is what owning your business is about. I still have people tell me "I remember seeing you at the farmer's market". That's so fun to hear. Thank you for supporting me then and for your continued support. But most of all, thank you Farmer's Market!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day Cakes & Cookies

Give us a call for your sweet treats for Dad! We will have items in the showcase, but call ahead to guarantee availability!

Friday, June 5, 2009

21st Birthday Cake

Just wanted to share this cute cake for a 21st birthday. The young man is made from gumpaste, even has his ball cap on backwards that he always wears. Everything is edible, except for the little liquor bottle (well, he can eat the bow!).

First Week of June

Well, summer has begun, so we have done some fun new designs. They are all on display at the bakery, but I will post them here as well. I don't know about you, but I still can't believe it is June. The bakery has been slow this week. I always look for that in the first week of June. Families are trying to figure out their new summer routine. I know I am doing that as well. When school is in session I am the first one up in my house. I like to get ready and have my quiet time before everyone else gets up. I can read the paper, have my coffee, blog and answer some emails without interruptions. It is heaven to me and I just haven't done it since school has been out. Next week I am going to get back in my normal morning routine. It may be early, but I am an early person. Staying up past 10:00 is a challenge for me! I know I will feel more productive and relaxed with that quiet time.

Well, here are a couple of fun cake designs. I will post more later. It is a busy day getting wedding cakes done. So I better go and finish getting ready to head to the bakery. Have a super Friday!