Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Open House 2009

What a fun day it was here at the bakery today. It was great to see all the kids visiting Santa. There were a lot of smiles, and just a few tears too. Not everyone was ready to sit on Santa's lap.
Here is my Grandson, Paxton, 6 weeks old, sleeping in Santa's arms. He is just adorable! But, Grandma is just a little bit biased. :)
My daughter Bryn posed with her friend Jennifer. They are in 6th grade this year. I'm glad they are not too old to sit on Santa's lap.
Here is Brekston, 13 months, with my daughter Bryn. He is shown on the last posting of this blog as an infant in Santa's arms. This year he didn't want to pose or even get too close. Maybe next year, Brekston.
This is cake decorator, Kalee's little boy, Memphis. He is 8 months old and was happy to visit with Santa and flirt with the rest of the cake decorators.
Here is Addie, 2 1/2, eating her cookie. She didn't think sitting on Santa's lap was a very good idea. Staying on the other side of the bakery was as close as she wanted to be this year.
This is Kamilah, the 5-year old daughter of assistant baker, Elida. She wasn't shy at all and was happy to visit with Santa.
Here are sisters Kylie, 6, and Kayla, 4, telling Santa what they want for Christmas. They even brought their own reindeer antlers to wear.
Six month old Adrianne is picture perfect sitting with Santa. She wasn't too sure at first but then turned on the charm to pose for pictures.

Thanks everyone who stopped by the bakery today. I appreciate you so much!

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