Friday, April 24, 2009

Busy Friday

It was a very busy Friday. Sorry if you called today and I said we couldn't do your cake. It is a busy time of year and there are only so many cakes we can do. I don't say no unless I know we are already overbooked. Keep the 3-7 day rule for ordering cakes or cookies and then you will never be disappointed. I appreciate your business!

I am about running on empty. I have been at the bakery for 11 days straight, tomorrow makes 12. Definitely ready for a day off. Thought I better get a posting done before I crash on the sofa. Tomorrow is another busy decorating day.

Here is a cute cake I did today for a baby shower. I am calling it the baby butt cake. I will try to come up with something more suitable, but I am tired, so there you go. Later. Cheri

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