Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gymnastics Cake

Here is a bright cake for a gymnastics themed birthday party. It was so fun to do. I have been doing this little girl's cakes for several years now. There is always a new and fun theme to design around.

I made a sugar gymnast for the topper and she is surrounded by sugar stars. Cakes like these take several days of advance work. The stars and letters have to made ahead to dry. My cake girls and I usually do all this work on Wednesday, our slower day to prep for the weekend.

The bakery is closed this week for our annual vacation. I have closed the bakery for the week of 4th of July since I opened over 7 years ago. This year we are going to New Mexico, splitting our time between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. The big girls are staying home for work and summer school. So it is just Dave, Sara, Bryn and I. It will be very different with taking only 2 kids. I will post some pictures and let you know what we are up to. Take care, Cheri.

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