Friday, June 5, 2009

First Week of June

Well, summer has begun, so we have done some fun new designs. They are all on display at the bakery, but I will post them here as well. I don't know about you, but I still can't believe it is June. The bakery has been slow this week. I always look for that in the first week of June. Families are trying to figure out their new summer routine. I know I am doing that as well. When school is in session I am the first one up in my house. I like to get ready and have my quiet time before everyone else gets up. I can read the paper, have my coffee, blog and answer some emails without interruptions. It is heaven to me and I just haven't done it since school has been out. Next week I am going to get back in my normal morning routine. It may be early, but I am an early person. Staying up past 10:00 is a challenge for me! I know I will feel more productive and relaxed with that quiet time.

Well, here are a couple of fun cake designs. I will post more later. It is a busy day getting wedding cakes done. So I better go and finish getting ready to head to the bakery. Have a super Friday!

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