Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Kim, one of my cake decorators, married Barry this past Saturday at Nativity Pines. The weather was just picture perfect for an outside wedding and she looked beautiful! Here they are walking down the aisle as husband & wife.

Kim designed her wedding cake that I decorated. It was bright and fun with periwinkle blue and lavender fondant on lime buttercream.

These photos are courtesy of JDB Photography. This one is of me trying to get a shot of the bride & groom. Of course my photos did not turn out very good. Leave it to the professional to get the best photos! But it is a fun shot that he took of my hands trying to get the shot.

The reception included a dance. Here is Kim and some other employees being goofy. We all had a fun time.

Congratulations Kim & Barry!

All photos courtesy of JDB Photography

Thanks Darrin!

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