Monday, March 30, 2009

Bakery Workshop in Amarillo

What a weekend! That snow storm about canceled my plans to go to Texas for a bakery workshop. I was contemplated all morning on Saturday whether to go or not. Amarillo had a blizzard on Friday and I kept checking the radar and road conditions to decide whether it was safe to leave. I finally decided to go for it, the radar looked like it was about done and I checked with the people in Amarillo and the highway that was previously closed going into town, was back open. As soon as we got a bit south of Wichita, the roads were just fine. I am so glad we went.

I am a member of the Retail Bakers Association of America, a national bakers group. The group that met in Texas was the Greater Southwest group, a regional group. It is made up of bakery owners in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Louisiana. I am the lone Kansan in the group. I always learn so much and enjoy the camaraderie of being with other owners. We share ideas and just learn from each other. I was asked to present some ideas from my bakery. So I shared some of our cute cupcake ideas and cakes for Easter, as well as some time saving tips that we use at Cheri's.

The workshop started at 8:00 Sunday morning until about 4:00, when the board of directors met. I was asked to be on the board and am honored to be involved.

We all (about 35 people) went out to The Big Texan Sunday evening. It was good food and lots of fun as you can see.
And, of course, everything is bigger in Texas! I wasn't going to get in the chair, but they made us, hat and all. What a fun time. I look forward to September for our next event.


  1. Yee Haw! So gald YA"LL made it to Texas! We enjoyed your great ideas! Just got back from Michael's with more fun foam then I know what to do with! Love ya!!! Deana Z.

  2. Mom you're looking fabbbbulous it that hat!! hahaha. CUTE PIC.