Monday, March 23, 2009

Poker Cakes

Yesterday I showed a couple cake options on the same theme. Here are a couple of poker cakes that we have done. The cake above is a fondant cake with sugar cards and chocolate poker chips for decoration. It is a very impressive design, but is also takes awhile to make so the price is reflects that. Below, is an option we did for a party that is a poker theme, but done in chocolate buttercream and the poker chips are drawn in buttercream. Still a great look, but perhaps gentler on your pocketbook. Remember, there are always options to every theme. We can design with your budget in mind.

I am going to get some computer work done today. The big girls are back at K-State and the other two are on off to school. I sure enjoy having everyone home on Spring break, but the alone time now is also wonderful. The bakery is closed today, so see you tomorrow! Have a great Monday!

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