Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sara's Sweet Sixteen

July is a busy month for family birthdays at my house. Yesterday was Sara's sixteenth birthday. She is a fan of the Beatles, so this was my idea for her cake.

Sara a very artistic girl and has loved colorful things since she was very young. She talked at an early age and one of her favorite questions for anyone she met was "What is your favorite color?". It was the most peculiar thing. She could recite everyone in our family and neighbor's (adults & children) favorite color.

Her cake is a 10-inch round layer cake with a single 8-inch on top. I applied edible images of the Beatles (Andy Warhol designed because she loves his artwork) to the bottom tier. On the top tier I applied more images I found, very retro and fun. I even applied them to the fondant sixteen on top.

Here is Sara with her cake. You may recognize her as one of my front sales girls. She loves to talk to customers and does a great job of designing cakes. Happy Birthday Sara! I love you!!

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